Dawn Humphreys

Originally from Liverpool England, I have lived in Vancouver for the past 20 years. Before that, I spent 8 wonderful years living in various parts of South East Asia with St Stephen's Society, an incarnational missional community amongst the poor, based in Hong Kong.

I am passionate about many things! I particularly love those on society's margins finding a place of empowerment and purpose in the Kingdom of God. I am also passionate about inspiring and equipping others to engage with God's huge heart for the poor and oppressed; I currently work part-time as a Pastoral Representative for the M.Div. Program at Regent College om Vancouver. My other passions are Liverpool Football Club (soccer to North Americans!), swimming, hiking, reading, learning and cooking for friends.

I helped plant Strathcona Vineyard Church in 2005 and have served as lead pastor since 2008. I value partnering with other dtes churches in our neighbourhood as we build unity and draw strength and encouragement from our common mission to see the dtes flourish with God's Kingdom goodness. I also serve on our Vineyard National Team to help equip our movement to engage with justice locally, nationally and globally.

I love the diversity of our community and the complexity and beauty of our neighbourhood. I also really love what I learn from those who have had a very different life experience from myself.  Many people think the dtes needs 'saving', I believe it needs people who are committed to being Christ's loving and faithful hospitable presence in the same place for a long time. The gift of presence in a society that is constantly moving is often underrated but it is essential to bringing lasting transformation in a context like the dtes.

No matter what your life experience has been come and explore what it means to be part of a community that is learning what it means to follow Jesus in all of life.