Regula Winzeler

I came to Vancouver initially to study at Regent College and ended up completeing a Masters Degree and I have no imminent plans to leave! My formative years were spent in Alberta - which gave me a love for prairie skies and all things Edmonton - as well as in Switzerland - which gave me my name, my mother tongue, and a love of cheese.

There are many things I am passionate about but, commonalities that they all hold, could be summarized with the words "community" and "connection." I am passionate about seeing healthy, connected neighbourhoods exist and grow. I love creating spaces for people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, demographics, and age ranges to build increasingly deeper and richer relationships with one another in sustainable ways.

I interned at Strathcona Vineyard from 2020-2021. Since then, Strathcona Vineyard has become my church family and I now also work as the Director of Children and Families.

I love that the people of our church are so faithfully committed to loving God and loving others. I have learned a lot about doing the slow and hard work of loving those who walk through our doors well. The people of Strathcona Vineyard work hard to disciple and lead by the example that Jesus gave.

We are a small, committed, unpresuming, sometimes chaotic, and always passionate group of people that are doing our best to follow the Jesus way in our local neighbourhood. Come worship with us!