Ricki Chen

I enjoy how strange and whimsical people are, especially the little things that make us who we are. Little known fact about me is that I love visiting museums but abhor crafting! I love to trail run and can do so for hours on end but cannot run more than 5 minutes on a flat surface without feeling winded. How weird is that?

I'm passionate about people experiencing the goodness of God, in how our Creator delights in and celebrates each person. I particularly enjoy walking alongside people as they journey towards wholeness and healing. This has led me to pursuing training in life coaching and personal fitness training!

I first joined Strathcona Vineyard when the congregation I was a part of (God's House of Many Faces) was adopted into the our Vineyard Church. I've pursued life together in the DTES community since 2012 when I felt called by God to move to Vancouver from Montreal and learn more about God's heart for the people who live here.

I love how whimsical and welcoming our community is to people in our community! Young and old, rich and poor, all are welcomed to feast at the table of God and commune together in shared life. I love how we are all given the honour to share what we've received from the Holy Spirit as a gift to others who might be encouraged to hear it as well.

Come and taste the goodness of life together, where all are welcomed and embraced as children of God! This is a space where you'll be celebrated and seen, as well as invited and embraced into more wholeness.