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Passionate Worship — Our belief is that we are to spend our lives in a constant and continuous encounter with the living God. Worship is much more than what we do for an hour or two on Sundays. It is about submitting our lives to the only King who deserves our allegiance. True worship means we surrender to God and choose to love and serve our neighbours, whoever they are. It is a blend of mercy, holiness, love, adoration, repentance, awe, obedience, and joy.
Intentional Discipleship — We follow Jesus with all of our hearts and commit to journeying together. It means that our posture is one of learning, growing and maturing in how to live and engage with the world around us. The Bible is our anchor point and the road map in learning to follow God. Prayer is how we entrust our lives to Jesus and invite one another to do the same.
A Lifestyle of Justice — It is our conviction that we are to be voices for justice in a world that is full of pain and injustice. But that starts at home. We strive to live out the call of Jesus to seek justice, to hunger and thirst for it. We have committed to solidarity with our neighbours in the DTES. We join in the fight against poverty, housing insecurity, colonialism, and racism. We work to undo the marginalization of substance users and those with mental illness. We bring our passion, our repentance, our listening, and our longing to seek the good of the neighbourhood and world.
Authentic Community — Authentic, be-who-you-are community is at the heart of what we are. Our members identify the deep sense of family they have found as the thing they value most about our church. There is a welcome here for you, no matter who you are or where you’ve been. Do you want to find a community that goes deep? Are you looking for relationships that feel safe and life-giving? Are you willing to bring yourself in all its depth and complexity? Then you may just find yourself at home.